What is the MQC?

The Malta Qualification Council is the national body in Malta responsible for the development, assessment, certification and accreditation of qualifications other than those in compulsory education and degrees. MQC is responsible to the Minister of Education, Employment and the Family. MQC’s functions include to:

  • Establish and maintain a qualifications framework for the development, accreditation and award of professional and vocational qualifications, other than degrees, based on standards of knowledge, skills and competences and attitudes to be acquired by learners;
  • Promote and maintain the National Qualifications Framework and establish the policies and criteria on which the Framework shall be based;
  • Approve and ensure the publication of national standards of knowledge, skills and competence and attitudes for each development sector;
  • Endorse and ensure the publication of the procedures to be implemented by training agencies offering programmes of education and training for access, transfer and progression.


What is its role in the Project?

As a Transnational Partner, MQC will play an active role as an observer with respect to the core activities. MQC will contribute by validating  the technical tools and providing its expert advice on the key ECVET-related processes.

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